Airstream® Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets (AC2-K)

Airstream® Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets (AC2-K)

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    • Airflow sensor monitors real-time airflow for safety, alerts the user if airflow is insufficient
    • ISOCIDETM powder coat inhibits microbial growth on external surface prevents contamination and improves safety
    • Dual energy-efficient DC ECM Motor that offers 70% energy savings compared to AC Motor
    • SentinelTM Gold Microprocessor Controller displays all safety information on one screen
    • Counter-balance sash window offering aerosol tight seal with counter-balance system
    • Easy-to-reach service fixtures and outlets, large corner radius for easy cleaning
    • Single-piece, recessed work tray with sloped perimeter to contain spillage
    • Ergonomically-designed Raised Arm Rest helps prevent grille blocking and creates a comfortable working posture
    • Removable Paper Catch which is easy to clean with optional pre-filter
    • Equipped with H14 filter with 99.999% efficiency which creates ISO Class 3 Work Zone
    • Angled Drain Pan that is easy to clean and does not harbor contaminants
    • RS 232 data output port enables remote monitoring of cabinet operating parameters
    • Available in 1.2m (4') size
    Model No. External Dimensions without arm rest External Dimensions with arm rest Internal Dimensions Airflow Velocity (Inflow) Airflow Velocity (Downflow) Electrical
    AC2-4K8 1340 x 767 x 1400 mm
    (52.8” x 30.2” x 55.1”)
    1340 x 823 x 1400 mm
    (52.8” 32.4” x 55.1”)
    1220 x 580 x 654 mm
    (48.0” x 22.8” x 25.7”)
    0.65 m/s (128 fpm) 0.41 m/s (81 fpm) 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Esco offers a variety of options and accessories to meet local applications. Contact Esco or your local Sales Representative for ordering information.

    Support Stands

    • Fixed height, available in 28” or 34”
      • with leveling feet
      •  with caster wheels
    • Telescopic, adjustable height
      • with leveling feet, 660 mm to 960 mm (26" to 37.8"), 25 mm (1") increment
      • with caster wheels, 660 mm to 880 mm (26" to 374.6"), 25 mm (1") increment
    • Motorized, adjustable height
      • with leveling feet
      • with caster wheels

    Electrical Outlets

    • Direct mounted

    More Cabinet Accessories

    • Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Kit
      • connects to VHP/HPV generator
    • Germicidal UV lamp, 253.7nm wavelength
      • with timer to optimize lamp life and specific species exposure need
    • Ergonomic Lab Chair, 395 to 490mm (15.6” to 19.3) height
      • Laboratory grade, ISO Class 5 rated
      • Alcohol resistant
    • Ergonomic Foot Rest
      • Improves working posture
      • Adjustable height with anti-skid coating and chemical finish
    • Stainless Steel Bar with IV Hooks
      • Maximum load is 6kg (13lbs) total
    • Service Fixtures
      • choices includes gas, vacuum, air, nitrogen, water and universal
    • Exhaust Ducting
      • Tri-safe exhaust collar with alarm
      • Thimble exhaust collar
      • Exhaust Damper
      • Anti-blowback valve