TIS Certificate Now Available for Isotherm Forced Convection Ovens

Oct 10, 2011

TIS Certificate Now Available for Isotherm Forced Convection Ovens

Reliable, stable, uniform temperature in a laboratory oven is essential to guarantee superb performance. That is why Esco’s Isotherm Forced Convection Laboratory Oven is not only manufactured according to the DIN 12880 standard, it has also been calibrated by Testo Industrial Services GmbH (TIS).

Testo Industrial Services is a calibration lab in Germany which is accredited by ISO/IEC 17025. The calibration was performed by TIS according to DIN 12880 standard. The standard specifies performance requirements and tests for ovens in laboratories and uses 27 measurement points to provide exceptional temperature uniformity.

The Isotherm Forced Convection Oven uses high quality, German-made fans to create consistent and uniform air circulation and features 4-zone heated air jackets, ensuring stable heating and maximum temperature uniformity.  This is quality guaranteed.

For more details, the TIS certificate is now available for download on our website.


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