A new level of quality control is coming your way at FSA 2015

Aug 19, 2015

A new level of quality control is coming your way at FSA 2015

Esco Medical will be exhibiting at the Fertility Society of Australia Annual Conference 2015 on 13-16 September to bring you our state-of-the-art products that will translate your procedures into a new level of quality control.

Esco Medical is focused on making laboratory procedures easier and more efficient. Since handling embryos, which are too sensitive, requires the highest level of care, our incubators are designed to be embryos' temporary homes, ensuring optimum conditions throughout the process.


Miri® TL Time Lapse Embryo Incubator

Actual Record of Embryo Development

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Time Lapse System

  • Time Lapse Monitoring. Monitor any developmental timing of the embryo using a built-in microscope and camera, specifically designed for embryo illumination. A minimum of 5-minute picture interval where images are digitally stored in multiple focal panes, which can be used as reference and for knowledge sharing.
  • Embryo Analysis and Evaluation System. The Miri TL Viewer is equipped with embryo viability evaluation tools which helps embryologists in improving the selectin of only the best embryos to transfer. With restrospective embryo development analysis, you can maintain a complete documentation of patient details, treatment and embryo data.


CultureCoin, a culture dish, especially designed for Miri® TL

  • 1 Miri TL chamber contains 1 CultureCoin and has room for 14 embryos.
  • With 6 chambers, the total capacity is 84 embryos.


Quality Control

  • All chambers and lid temperature are independently controlled. This design allows more accurate temperature regulation as compared to having 1 temperature sensors for 2 or more chambers.
  • Tight system with constant air-recirculation. The built-in gas mixer and the high-performance CO2 and O2 sensors allow accurate control of gas phase composition in the chambers. Gases are constantly cleaned via HEPA/VOC filter,UV sterilized and recirculated. No wastage of gases.
  • Built-in temperature, CO2 and O2 validation ports. Validation of these crucial parameters is now much simpler and easier for the users. Gas sampling, especially, can be done without opening the lid, preserving optimum embryo development.
  • Removal of toxic VOC. A combined HEPA/VOC filter is integrated in the construction of the Miri to remove VOCs from gases before entering the chambers.

Eliminates errors and Reduces Disturbance

  • 6 completely separate heating chambers. The design allow the embryologists to culture one patient's samples in one chamber to minimize the chances of mixing up the samples. Moreover, this feature prevents cross-contaminatino during the process, lessens disturbance and minimizes stressful factors that may be introduced when taking the dishes out of the incubator.


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